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This page features a wide variety of projects, both school & personal. Each project's purpose & process are written out below. 

AP Art Final Garments
The overall aesthetic of this collection is based on transforming traditional formal garment styles into more playful designs. This collection was created utilizing 1/2 recycled materials. Each garment evokes creativity through its unique design and construction, rather than its color.

Dual-Panel Pant
These 100% sustainable pants are constructed from two vintage ballgowns & a leftover zipper. The delicate, beaded  & satin materials required intricate sewing skills to achieve the clean dual-panel seams.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 5.42.57 PM.png

Inside Outerwear
This vest combines my skills in sculpture & fashion. I began this project without a color palette or plan, painting individual fabric scraps with whatever designs came to mind. I mod-lodged each piece on clear vinyl in a pattern of organized chaos. I then fused the vinyl vest panels together using a lighter. I really enjoyed this process because I had creative freedom & no direction for the design.


Patternmaking Project
This garment was created from custom pattern pieces I made from standard pattern blocks. The idea behind the garment is based on a fictional character, Frankie from Monster's High. This piece was my first homemade pattern garment. I took it from concept, to pattern, to prototype muslin, then  final garment.

Wedding Dress (Well Wedd )
This is an adaptive wedding dress prototype created for neurodivergent brides. I created a mock adaptive wedding apparel brand which can be found under the Well Wedd Brand Creation tab under Portfolio!

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