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Digital Designs

This page features digital creations for a variety of projects. Included are: informational presentation boards, competition submissions, mood boards, and more. These items were created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Canva.

Plaid Competition Presentation

I used Illustrator to create a plaid based on the history of the College of Arts & Science at Mizzou. My partner and I then translated the plaid to garments that match our target consumer and created a presentation to explain our plaid design process. We placed in the top 4 designs out of over 30 student teams and are awaiting student voting for the final winner.

Garment Presentation for AATCC

This initial presentation board showcases a versatile & sustainable, streetwear-style clothing line. I used fiber testing methods from the American Association of Textile Colorists & Chemists (AATCC) to support my designs' utility purposes & sustainable claims. These garments feature ironic graphics, digitally hand-drawn in Adobe, that give the collection its name: Roots of Greed.

Pieces of Possibility

This simplified tech pack was created for the Vogue x Rothy competition. I created a new design for Rothy's classic lightweight tote based on the prompt "possibility." The following statement is my response to this prompt: Right now the world can seem very bleak. To me and many in my generation, “possibility” is a hope for the future. Hope that sustainability & environmental issues are taken seriously, hope that love conquers hate, and hope that there is a possibility for bright futures.  As individuals, we are finding our own unique ways to make a difference for a better world. Each piece of this puzzle is just as important as the next to create a complete picture of what is possible.

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